Sports medicine

Dr, Claudia Bohmann beim WM Kampf 2002
Dr, Claudia Bohmann beim WM Kampf 2002

Anyone who has ever done any form of intensive sport training, knows what an important role it can play in your life. How satisfying it feels to test your own limits, to achieve new successes. And how difficult it is to get back to the level of performance you were at pre injury.

After a long career in kickboxing, I know what a toll intense sport can have on the musculoskeletal system – and that you do not always take care of it when maximum performance is required.

During a competition, I suffered a serious knee injury that required immediate surgery. Post operation I had to work my way back to my former constitution with the help of physiotherapy. Yoga and Pilates helped me on my road to recovery and today I still enjoy doing these two sports.

It is because of my passion for sport that I am committed to supporting you in your sports career and that a healthy ambition remains just that.